Saturday, July 30, 2011

waiting on the edge of darkness

Into my life you came, walking
like a queen over rolling seas.
Bright as the sun, I feared your smile would blind me. Your
eyes burned into the deep holes of my heart, and filled up the cracks with
melted hope.
You pulled me out of my slumber and I
shook awake with a cold shiver, sharp finger down my spine.
The earth shook beneath my feet, and my
blood trembled as you spoke piercing truth.
Close to your heart, I fell into your arms. I watched the
pulse in your neck slither across your
skin. Saliva pooled under my tongue and I longed to
taste the life running through your veins.
My skin touching yours, warmed up my
cold and tired bones. It drew lava
into the muscles that propel me along life’s
weaving path, forcing a gasp out of parched
Clarity shot through my eye and in that moment,
our souls intertwined their
spindly fingers. An arrow of light
flew across the sky and in that moment
I knew the Universe.

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