Saturday, July 30, 2011

For Mother

The other day
I was sitting on a cushion-
With my cheek pressed up against the cool window,
Watching the rain.
I wrapped my arms around my legs, and remembered,
How you used to hold me.
When I would fall, you would sweep me up in your arms, and wipe away my tears.
Years later, crying from a broken heart, again, You were there.
Bringing the sunshine, soft whispers of love and warmth.
As time rushes on, it would be my time to console your misery.
I would hold your hand and tell  you to Trust.
I will sweep up your fragile soul in my own strong arms and soothe your fears.
Your body may grow weak, but your beautiful soul will never taste age.
The depths of light in your eyes will never fade.
Thank you, beautiful one, for giving me life, love, and passion.
The rain is stopping now. Look, a sunrise.

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