Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hello again,
Darkness, My friend.
“How do you do?”
Oh, I’m fine, thank you…
Do you remember,
how we used to play together?
You would push me over
You’d laugh; I’d cry.
I remember the long nights we spent
cuddled and twisted together
Wrapped in a blanket of ice.
You sickened me,
Then you comforted me.
This is the hole I crawl in to
My cave,
When the cold comes.
                                                               I sink back into myself.
Ever so slowly
Your fingers creep up over my skin
And rest on my shoulders,
weighing me down.
I resist, at first; I cry out and shy away
And then I remember
                                      So familiar
I fall into your arms like a lovers embrace
Sighing softly,
As you carry me home on
                 Midnight wings
My old friend
        I have missed you.
I look out at the world
From beneath eyes lidded with sadness.
the pain echoes within me
A hollow drum.
Climbing up over my back
Reaching down my throat
Grasping my heart
                         So tight you pull
I cannot breathe
Oh, here it comes.
You pool in my belly like thick syrup
Once seemingly so sweet.
                                     sour and putrid.
Your scent is trapped in my nostrils
I try to scratch you out.
Screaming, I am being dragged down,
down, down
Go to sleep, my sweet…
The morning will come
First you must greet me properly,
         For I am
                A forever.

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