Saturday, July 30, 2011


Memories rising
Calling out to me
Swirling around me, thick mist.
Grasping, pulling, tugging hands
Trying to suffocate me.
Gurgling in my belly
Thick black liquid tar
Sticky and revolting.
The urge to vomit washes over,
-pain in the throat,
Sharp shards of glass slashing
across my wind pipe.

Blue one, reflect to me this demon inside.
Pull it up and out of me
That which has suffocated my fire.
Dig it up from the roots, destroy the serpent coiled thrice in my pit.
Make me pure and clean,
soft and waiting.

Strike a match against the bark
Light the tiny candle resting at
the base -
Fan and spread this little flame
Watch it grow and ignite my bones!

Oh, blue one, my demonic mirror,
reflect to me, my brilliant
shining sun!
It is bright and luminous
Warming up my icy blood.

See the sun coexist with the moon.
Day and Night, my dark, my light.
Together they complete me,
Filling and making me whole.
Watch my tired body stich together,
My soul lift and rise above the clouds.

We will rejoice
and look upon the memories
with ease.

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