Saturday, July 30, 2011

Forest sings

She sings me lullabies,
whispers of nightsong
flowing over my aching bones
warm, liquid honey.
Who is the girl
running through the forest
Chasing a chilling wind
A creeping feeling
Twisting and weaving
Howling at the Moon.
Giggles and moans
The Spirit moves me
Trees lift up their feet
and walk.
Claw at my skin, pull at my hair
come, stay a while, rest.
We’ll eat your essence.
What is this fire
that runs through my veins
consumes my heart
Breaking my chains
She calls to me
Crying and howling
Dying, to save
A life.
Do you know, of the mystic
who lives at the bottom of the sea?
Spinning her webs of magic
and pearls of memory
Tales of friend and foe
She sits in her cave,
lures people in, with
her weeping.
Lonely and old…
Smoke fills my lungs
Heavy, full of dust
The Earth is stomping her feet.
Do you feel her Anger?
Waiting silently in the
For the Eclipse.
I am a tree
My roots run deep
My arms stretch to the cosmos
Feel the rough bark
Soft, wet soil between your bones.
Come, fill up the hollow
Space in my soul
Pour your love in
Cup overfloweth
Hope, passion, madness, harmony

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