Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ebb and Flow

The never ending dance of life
Two flames, weaving and twirling
across the night sky.
A lone star shoots across the horizon
fiercely pressing forward to its unknown destination.
Pebbles thrown in a lake
Casting ripples across the mirrors surface
Reflections of the trees droop and sway, distort, and finally,
A hawk’s cry reverberates off these canyon walls
Echoing across the ages.
Red and brown feathers flutter across my
Feeling like soft love.
The deepest caves of your soul
Led there through the open doorway of eyes
A touch, a momentary, fleeting caress
that turns your world.
It soothes the painful, gaping wound.
Like soft, cool nectar, flowing gently,
Love is.
This fire is consuming
Passionate, fierce embrace
Moving, rising, building up
The tempo of the drums
increasing. Louder.
Scratching and biting
Tear me to shreds, then
Put me together, piece by piece
Filled with love, patched new,
glued by the searing wax of Light.
Awaken me. Come running.
I am here, ready and waiting
For my lover’s true kiss.

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