Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red satin ribbons

I watch him
Watching me
Through big, hollow eyes.
Those dark swirling masses are alive
No more, until the moon rises
Deep and beautiful, he howls
Melancholy tunes of despair.
I do not pity him.
Around my heart, once, he built a cave.
A hideous box, slowly squeezing life
For every ounce of purity
Power drained to feed his starving soul.
He cut out sections of his own heart
Pushed and shoved them into a crystal
Sliver of blackened indigo, carefully gifted
To the hope locked within.
A puppet grew where I once stood.
It smiled and acted as it should.
He dressed it, and danced with it
Played with it till its footsteps bled
Red splotches into my skin
Piercing withered bones, spreading veins through broken knees
I hear him ever still, slavering at the door
I’m still hooked up to his machine
See the dirty rope, running from his eye to mine
Feeding me visions of murky grey
Snatching dreams with greedy claws
Keeping him sustained.
I killed him nine times in memory
They were only ghosts, images of power
But as he attacked me with false love and further lies
I ripped out his throat with stronger jaw
He couldn’t sing to me any more.
Lay gasping as he died in a pool of his own gurgling hate
Retched and heaved as my own soul
Burned Himself and disappeared, as the blackness finally won.
Chains wound around my body slacken
Scars darken and fade into red satin
Ribbons of colour and power
Silence and punish me into submission
No more, for he is nothing but a beast
I watch him sometimes
Watching me
Through small, lifeless eyes.

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