Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Doorway of memories past.

Stiff and cold
Her breath grazes my cheek as she
Runs by
Half a second, my pulse races
And then she’s gone.
Reach for her hand
Confusion settles as she
Jumps; stung by some unseen evil
What, me?
One, two three four
Counting the feathers in her hair
Sticking out in erratic shapes
Preparing for lift off
You were here just a moment ago
Ran into that shell
I’ll come with an axe, rip you out of
That place.
I lie cold and alone
Shrouded only by the blanket of a
Hollow ache.
Your heat is palpable
A mere touch away.
But I’m a stranger.
And so I’ll plant this here seed
Place it by the window
To grow as you come back
Piece by piece.

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