Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For all the times
You bit me when I was burning

For all the moments
I shook my head and howled

For all the whispers
Hiding around corners and chairs

For all the colours
You stole from me

For all the tears left unshed
As a shield of ice grew slow and thick

For all the hits
Borne with silence and broken glass

For all the anger
Locked tightly inside

For all the years lost
As I wandered aimlessly
Through your blind maze

For all the trampled toes
Broken dreams and stars full of holes

For all the memories
That woke me up screaming

For all the red stained eyes
As you gazed into an empty glass

For all the wasted lifetimes
Overfilled with bitter deceit

Flowing rage, hot and pure
Runs through my veins 
Like rusted coal

Red and black are all I see

Hysterical Laughter
As my ripened jaw
Clamps down on
Blackened heart

A toast, I say!
As the wicked drown in darkness.

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