Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A dying breed

Looking around me, all I see is death and decay. I touch my hand to this concrete prison and my being absorbs its hate. These eyes are blinded with flashing lights, bizarre and unnatural.
A soul within me fades, slowly, as I forget myself.
This chaos that surrounds me, it is breaking my body. Bones are aching, head is exploding. Sickness erodes and chills my greying organs. Light fades.
Smoke crawls into my throat, squeezing lungs with its vice grip. The stuff that coughs out of metal pipes and churning wheels - vehicles that chauffeur us all to hell.
My mind is filled too much, brimming with sadness at the sights around me; the crying of naked women, lost and vacant eyes of so many mindless sheep.
I feel the ache, too. My heart reflects yours; it is holding on to a golden thread. A rope that binds us to life. We may wish for death, but aren’t we already living lies of deceit to our true selves? That is worse than death!
Death is merely a cycle, an end to old - making space for new and fresh beginnings; growth of the soul. Each being holds within their soul the seed of truth. It speaks to them on quiet, still nights such as this.
Go within, take a seat at the throne of your heart. Take some time to listen. Go outside, place your hands on the earth. Bury your burning nose, your aching, tired eyes in the softness of yellow petals. Rest your drumming ears in my favourite lullaby; gentle flowing stream of life.
Simplify life, and freedom will reveal its true form.
This current life is madness, a jarring, cutting blur of never-ending pain and dullness. But return to true life, and the ache will flee… it will meld and blend into a symphony of harmonious laughter. Follow it quickly with this flowering spiral of peace.
Sing your melancholy tune to the glorious moon. Return to my Love, my Earth. 

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