Sunday, January 9, 2011


"I am" just a shell.
A case, for this sacred divinity

My soul was beaten, bruised,
Torn and abused.
Discarded, left to rot in misery.

But it could not die.
It stayed in its dark hole, and built
a "safe" enclosure round itself.
Day by day, the walls grew harder and thicker.
Dirt and mud crusted every crevice and crack,
so no light could get in.

You grew dark and bloody, pulsating with
Anger and pain.
Left alone, you withered...

I called to you, one lonely day.
I tore off the tangled vines,
Broke down the gates, and thundered through the walls.
I looked for you, but could not find you.

I found a lock, hidden behind a rock,
discoloured and rusting with age.
Forcing it open, I found you.

There you were, bright and shining, yet so small.
So alone.
Enclosed within a raw heart, oozing with putrefied blood.
With one final scream, I tore through the murderous skin.

I ran to you, and covered you with my love.
I cradled you, crooning and rocking as I poured my love in.
You sobbed and cried, clawing at my flesh.
"How could you leave me here? Where were you?"
And I answered, "I was always here, just on the other side. I was just as terrified as you.
I am you, and you are me. We are different, yet one.
Don't be afraid, Little One. I have come."
The dam broke, and you let out a guttural scream.
You were so raw and broken, Little One.

I picked you up and carried you.
Out through the terror.

And you grew.

With every step, you grew larger and stronger,
Brighter and Whole!
You grew with me, and we ate the darkness.
The whispers stopped and light flooded the body that held us.
Upwards we grew, bigger and brighter!

We burst through the simple body barrier, and joined the clouds,
the stars and rainbows.
We played in the sun, and chased each other over the moon.
You showed me wonders, and light
Where I thought there was none.

My body called us home.
We sunk down, down down, into the safe, soft warm body that is ours.

Oh, Little One, You are big and strong, now.
Protect me from my nightmares.
Together, we will help each other.
I am you, and you are me.

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