Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Am That

I am full, I am perfect.
There is no desire in me,
Because there is nothing apart from me.
I am the Self in all,
I am the Universal Being
With faces everywhere,
With hands all around.
I am the ocean of Nectar
With surging waters of Bliss.
I am the unfathomable Peace,
The abode of Nirvana
Whence there is no return
To this mortal world.

I am all that exists today,
I am all that existed in the past,
I am all that will exist in the future,
Because I am the only Reality.
When the storm of Maya has been stilled,
And illusion has subsided,
What remains is the stupendous
Glory of "I am."
I am the peak of fame,
The summit of all glories.
I am the ocean of incarnations
And Divine manifestations -
I am what I am.

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