Monday, November 1, 2010

Every morning... try a pause...

The sky within

Every morning for each of us there is a moment when we first see the sky for the day. This moment is a beautiful opportunity to connect with the spaciousness both around us and within us. Every morning when I walk outside, before I hop in the car I stop and look up.

This pause in the race that begins the day is such a precious jewel as in an instant it can open your heart and mind. So often we race from the intimate, personal space of our home, to the confined box that is our transport, to wherever it is we're going, all within the head space of our own personal stories and dramas. Very little space here.

The sky above us in infinitely vast; in order to really sense and feel its spaciousness we are required to release (even if just for a moment) our attachment to our own personal dramas. Sure life's up and downs will continue but our strong grasping to them lessens when we allow the spaciousness outside us to mirror our own within.

To see the sky in the morning is to take a moment to pause, to take a conscious breath. When we choose to open and relax there is a lot more room; when we choose to be anxious or righteously indignant there is a load less room!

Try the sky! Let me know what happens....

-- Extract from an email from The Yoga Ground

Om shanti!
Miriam xox

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  1. I love looking up at the sky. It has a calming effect you can find absolutely nowhere else. :)