Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poetry of Rumi

I have been reading a lot of Rumi lately, and thought I would share some enlightening poetry with you.
Please read these with the eyes of your heart, not your head.
Om Shanti

I died once but no one shed a tear,
So if I live again I will know how to be.
You pursue me with your ignorant talk
Which to me sounds so empty.

It is said that God’s light
Comes from six directions.
“From where?” asks the crowd,
Turning left and right.
If only you could look neither way for a moment.

My heart, on this path words are hollow.
At the door of Union
You have to surrender yourself.
You will never soar to the sky
Where His birds fly
Unless you give up your wings.

I said, “Show me what to do.”
He said, Die.
I said, “The water has turned into oil.”
He said, Die.
I said, “I will become a butterfly
Circling around your light.”
He said, Die.

You stepped on the ground
And the earth, pregnant with joy,
Gave birth to infinite blossoms.
The cheering spread up to heaven!
The moon glanced amazed at the stars.

Do not fear, there is always wine
If you are thirsty for love.
Do not fear, there is always water
If your lips are parched.
Do not fear your ruin, inside you
There is a treasure
Open your eyes, for this world
Is only a dream.

Sleep, my friend, but if you do
The light of Truth will slip by you unnoticed.
Asleep in the darkness of the night
You will miss the splendor of the dawn.

Where is the moon that never rises nor sets?
Is the spirit within or without?
Stop this nonsense and let us spreak straight!
The whole world is him but tell me,
Where are your eyes?

Whose feet are worthy
To enter the garden?
Whose eyes are worthy
Of the cypress and the jasmine?
The feet and eyes of a heart
That has been broken.

Yesterday the nightingale was singing
A beautiful song by the stream:
“You could make me a rose
Out of rubies, emeralds and gold
But would it have a scent?”

Light of my eyes
The nightingale has returned.
We will lose ourselves in the garden
And come out in blossom
Like the lilies and roses;
We will become water and flow
From garden to garden.

Do you know, knower,
What the night is?
It is the sanctuary of lovers.
On this glorious night
I am drunk with the moon.
The moon has fallen in love
And the night has gone mad.

I am in love with Love and Love
Is in love with me.
My body is in love with the soul
And the soul
Is in love with the body.
I opened my arms to Love
And Love embraced me
Like a lover.

The green in every tree
Is You.
The beauty of every garden
Is You.
My wealth, my work, my master
Is You.
Solitude, purity, pretence
Is You.
There is no reality
But You.

Love came rushing
Like blood in my veins
And emptied me of myself.
Now, filled with the Beloved,
I have only a name.

When my pain became the cause of my cure
My contempt changed into reverence
And my doubt into certainty.
I see that I have been the veil on my path.
Now my body has become my heart
My heart has become my soul
And my spirit, the eternal Spirit.

If only you knew
What bliss I find in being nothing,
You would never
Advise me how to live.
When the sword of nothingness
Ends my days
I will laugh at those
Who mourn my death.

There is another language beyond language,
Another place beyond heaven and hell.
Precious gems come from another mine,
The heart draws light from another source.

The water said to the dirty one, “Come here.”
The dirty one said, “I am too ashamed.”
The water replied, “How will your shame be washed away without me?”

Whether you are fast or slow, eventually you will find what you are seeking. Always devote yourself wholeheartedly to your search. Even though you may limp or be bent double, do not abandon your search, but drag yourself ever toward Him.

One day a young man knocked at a friend’s door.
“Who are you, O trusted one?” asked the friend.
He answered, “I!” The friend said, “Go away.
This is not the time for you to enter;
There is no place at my table for the raw!”
What, then, will cook the raw and so save him
But separation’s fire and exile’s flame?
The poor man left to travel a whole year
And burning, he was cooked, and so returned,
And once again drew near to the friend’s house.
He knocked at the door in great fearfulness
Lest from his lips discourteous words might fall.
His friend called out, “Who stands outside my door?”
He answered, “Tis you at the door, O friend.”
He replied, “Come in, now that you are I –
There is no room in this house for two ‘I’s!”


Every rose that is sweet-scented is telling of the secrets of the Universal.

It was a fair orchard, full of trees and fruit
And vines and greenery. A Sufi there
Sat with eyes closed, his head upon his knee,
Sunk deep in mystical meditation.
“Why,” asked another, “do you not behold
These signs of God the Merciful displayed
Around you, which He bids us contemplate?”
“The signs,” he answered, “I behold within;
Without is nothing but symbols of the signs.”

What is all beauty in the world? The image,
Like quivering boughs reflected in a stream,
Of that eternal Orchard which abides
Unwithered in human hearts.

How could the foam-flecked waves move without a current? How could dust rise into the air without wind? Since you have seen the dust – namely the form – perceive the wind. The wind is invisible; we only see its effect on external forms, and it is in external forms that we can see the divine spirit, the wind of God. Dissolve your body in vision and pass into sight, pass into sight, into sight!

The world is a prison and we are the prisoners:
Dig a hole in the prison wall and let yourself out!

One morning a woman asked her lover, as a test, “Do you love me more than you love yourself?” He replied, “I love you so much that I am full of you from head to toe. There is nothing left of my own existence except my name.” If you love God, you will feel toward Him as that lover felt toward his beloved.

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